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We are pleased to announce that Cisco Packet Tracer Skills Assessments are now available for immediate use on Academy Connection.

Cisco Packet Tracer Skills Assessments are innovative, formative assessments that measure student performance and knowledge of networking concepts and skills using the simulation and configuration capabilities of the Packet Tracer learning environment.

The online Packet Tracer Skills Assessment environment presents complex and authentic tasks, immediately scores the exams, and provides rich, detailed feedback that supports learning and evaluation of student performance.

Packet Tracer Practice Skills Based Assessments (SBAs)

The first Packet Tracer Skills Assessments offered by Cisco are Packet Tracer Practice SBAs. The PT Practice SBAs are designed to help students prepare for the final hands-on skills exam (administered on real equipment) required at the end of each Cisco CCNA Discovery and CCNA Exploration course.

Students can use PT Practice SBAs both inside and outside the classroom to practice their skills and test their knowledge (Internet connection required). After completing PT Practice SBAs, students can view detailed feedback about their mastery of critical networking skills and identify areas where they need additional study and practice. Instructors can also view this feedback to help gauge teaching effectiveness and work with students as needed to reinforce concepts.

The PT Practice SBAs are available in English only, but are available for use by all CCNA academies and  all CCNA course language versions

Informative Resources

For detailed information about Packet Tracer Skills Assessments, including software requirements, and how to use the PT Practice SBAs in your CCNA classroom, please review the following resources, which are available on the Assessment Course Catalog page on Academy Connection:

  • FAQ
  • Overview Presentation
  • At A Glance

If you have additional questions after reviewing these resources, please contact your local Networking Academy representative for assistance.

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