Collaboration Primer, a new community developed course, is now available on Cisco NetSpace. Instructors can open and teach Collaboration Primer courses using this community developed content.

The Collaboration Primer introduces enterprise collaboration and the underlying delineating technologies in messaging, voice, and video. It maps the journey that telephony has taken; progressing from the initial implementation of voice on telephone wires, to the addition of the Internet Protocol, up to the use and integration of video technologies.


We encourage all instructors to review and take full advantage of all of the community developed courses, including the previously released Voice Primer and Cloud Primer, to support your students’ desire for an introduction to these advanced technologies. Community developed courses have been created through partnerships between Networking Academy instructors and Cisco.

Community developed courses adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Not a formal curriculum or offering of the Cisco Networking Academy program
  • Designed to be delivered to academy students as supplemental content
  • No commitment by the community or Cisco to update this content or provide any formal support to the wider NetAcad community
  • Formal instructor training will not be provided by Cisco
  • References to source materials and participating instructor names are listed within the content

Instructor Access to Community Developed Courses

Instructors may enroll students and teach community developed courses through the same process used for other Networking Academy courses. Click Create a Course on the Teach tab, then select Community: Collaboration Primer to create a new course.

For More Information

Please visit the Community Developed Courses page for more information, including course descriptions and other resources.

If you have questions about the Collaboration Primer, please contact your local Networking Academy representative for assistance. 

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