Linux Essentials, a new instructor-led course developed by NetAcad partner NDG, is now available on Cisco NetSpace. Instructors can open and teach Linux Essentials courses using this partner developed content.


The Linux Essentials course covers the fundamentals of the Linux operating system and command line. It teaches students about the Linux operating system, basic open source concepts, how Linux is used, and the basics of the Linux command line. It uses a "learn by doing" approach and gives each learner hands-on access to a Linux virtual machine to practice, explore, and test Linux command line concepts.

This course aligns with the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Linux Essentials Professional Development Certificate.  To learn more about this certificate, visit

We encourage all instructors to review and offer this partner developed course. Our goal is to expand learning and employment opportunities for our students by offering relevant content from NetAcad partners.

Instructor Access to Partner Developed Courses

Instructors may enroll students and teach partner developed courses through the same process used for other Networking Academy courses. Click Create a Course on the Teach tab, then select Partner: NDG Linux Essentials to create a new course.

For More Information

Please visit the Partner Developed Courses page for a detailed course description and other resources

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