The Networking Academy is adding three new course offerings, expanding the depth and breadth of the learning portfolio:

  • Networking Essentials
  • Cybersecurity Essentials
  • Linux Unhatched



Our complex world is built upon networks.  Governments, corporations, home offices, from complex to simple are built upon a networking infrastructure requiring some level of networking knowledge.  The Networking Essentials course uses a practical hands-on approach by teaching students essential networking concepts in the context of planning and setting up a home or small office network.  Along with illustrating the importance of possessing these in-demand networking skills, the course outlines possible networking careers.

The 70-hour instructor-led course builds foundational networking knowledge that can inform education and career choices and be a core required course for all IT students in vocational and 2-year colleges. Many university engineering or IT students would not need this course since CCNA R&S Introduction to Networking (ITN) covers the same concepts for larger business contexts at a more rapid pace. Thus, Networking Essentials is not required prior to beginning the CCNA Routing and Switching curriculum. See a suggested networking pathway in the course progression image below.  Learn more about Networking Essentials.


As more devices and things connect to the internet, the need for IT professionals with security skills increases.  The Cybersecurity Essentials course provides foundational knowledge, developing skills in all aspects of cybersecurity and related technologies, including information security, systems security, network security, ethics & laws, defense, and mitigation techniques used in protecting businesses.

Networking Academy students can take the 30-hour course at their convenience with the self-paced course, or can Find an Academy offering the instructor-led version.  It is recommended that students take Introduction to Cybersecurity as a prerequisite. See a suggested security pathway in the course progression image below. Learn more about Cybersecurity Essentials.


The Linux operating system (OS) powers 98% of the world’s supercomputers, most Internet servers, millions of Android devices, cloud platforms, and more. With Linux as the foundation for so much technology and innovation, job opportunities requiring Linux skills continue to increase in areas like big data, cloud computing, cybersecurity, networking, programming, and software. Students wanting a job in IT need to know Linux. 

The NDG Linux Unhatched course takes a chapter from the 70-hour NDG Linux Essentials course, and provides an 8-hour self-paced course. Students learn that Linux is everywhere--from wrist watches to rocket ships, the basics of the command line, and the growing career opportunities requiring Linux skills. This Exploratory offering is a perfect first course for any student to "test the waters" and learn a little Linux before investing the time required for the full NDG Linux Essentials course. See a suggested Linux pathway in the course progression image below.  Learn more about Linux Unhatched.

Course Progression Image

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