Damages caused by cybercrime are projected to cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, double what it was in 2015!  It’s no wonder why there are so many cybersecurity-related job openings -- 1 million for 2016!!

Equipping the next generation with cybersecurity skills is vital for staying ahead of this problem.  That’s why we continually update our courseware.  This next release, CCNA Cybersecurity Operations 1.1, includes: 

  • Video tutorials for building new attack scenarios for Skill-Based Assessment (SBA) and activities
  • Drag and Drop exam items
  • Fully WAG 2.0 AA 508 Accessibility Compliant for all Word, PDF and PT documents
  • Bug fixes and more

For more details on the 1.1 release, visit the Instructor Resource page, look under the Marketing Resources section for the PowerPoint and video that detail the 1.1 enhancements. 

 If you are interested in offering CCNA Cybersecurity Operations at your institution, visit the Instructor Resource page for more information and, as instructor training is required, look for the Instructor Training Center (ITC) link found under the Requirements section. The world needs more cybersecurity professionals and we need your help!

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