The latest version of Packet Tracer is here! Packet Tracer v7.3.0 is releasing in tandem with CCNAv7 to support the evolution toward the New Network, including more support for wireless and wide-area network (WAN) technologies.

Featuring two new devices, with Packet Tracer v7.3.0 you can now simulate the Cisco 4331 Integrated Services Router (ISR) with integrated WAN ports and the Cisco 3504 Wireless Controller (WLC), including centralized control, management, and troubleshooting for next-generation wireless networks. Packet Tracer v7.3.0 also features enhancements for accessibility and usability, support for new CLI commands, and more.

Considerations to upgrade
For CCNAv7, Packet Tracer 7.3.0 is the minimal version that supports CCNAv7.
For CCNAv6 (and older versions), stay with Packet Tracer v7.2.2.

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