Join us for a Cisco Networking Academy virtual event!
DevnetThe network is facing its biggest transformation yet. As networks become programmable and software- defined, IT teams need professionals who can connect network engineering, software development and cybersecurity to create integrated, secure, and automated infrastructures to pave the way for new innovations. How can we prepare students for these jobs of tomorrow?
The Cisco Networking Academy and DevNet invites you to a special virtual Event addressing the new and exciting topic of the DevNet Associate Certification, Cisco Networking Academy offering and the demand for talent in the field of Infrastructure Automation.
The Agenda includes:
  • View on the Emerging Technologies
  • Talent demand in the Industry
  • Future of Networking & DevNet Certification
  • NetAcad offering – DevNet Associate course
  • ..and more
Cisco Networking Academy Provides
  • High-quality courses, learning tools, education platform and teaching resources-all licensed free of charge
  • Discounts on equipment and certification exams
  • Instructor training support communities, professional development
  • Online simulations, games, quizzes, and assessments
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