Policies Concerning Canvas End of Life (EOL)

As you know, the EOL for the platform’s legacy LMSCanvas, is 17 September 2021After this date, it will not be possible for instructors or students to access courses in the legacy LMS. This means it will be impossible to take exams, retrievecustomizations, update grades, or download gradebooks fromthe legacy LMS.  Because of the EOL finality for the legacy LMS, Cisco Networking Academy has adopted the following policies.

Completing Canvas Courses
  • Students must complete any save any in-progress Convas courses by 31 July 2021.
  • No exceptions will be granted.

If students are unable to finish by this date, instructors should enroll them in a new course created in the new LMS with a later class end-date.

Retrieving Customizations from Canvas Courses
  • Instructors must retrieve and save any customizations made to their Canvas courses before they are archived
  • No exceptions will be granted after Canvas is removed from the platform on 17 September 2021. 

Course customizations include specialized resources such as PDFs, videos and presentations that instructors may have added to your courses. It also includes any custom question banks, assessments and assignments that instructors have developed over the years.   See information for Importing Question Banks and Sharing Customizations.

Updating Grades in Canvas Courses
  • Instructors must finalize grades and mark students complete in Canvas courses before they are archived.
  • No exceptions will be granted after Canvas is removed from the platform on 17 September 2021.

Downloading Gradebooks from Canvas Courses
  • Instructors must download a copy of their gradebook from Canvas courses before they are archived
  • No exceptions will be granted after Canvas is removed from the platform on 17 September 2021.

Following this policy allows instructors to retain a copy of the gradebook for their records long after the legacy LMS is removed from the platform. 

Asa best practice, instructors should not rely on either the old or new LMS as a storage system.This is becauseinstructors lose access to courses on the platform’s LMS when they are archived.

No one will be able to access courses on the old LMS after Canvas is removed from the platform.For this reason, it is critical that instructors follow all these policies before their courses are archived.

Fortune will favor the prepared and there will be nothing the Cisco Networking Academy can do to help the unprepared. Fortunately, simply following these policies is all it takes to BE PREPARED!

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